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Blog Entries for the Month of January

Picture of the Month

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01.22.2018 13:40

AXIS FlightSchoolTV a top 30 Skydiving Youtube channel winner

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01.16.2018 05:22

Wind Correction Angles in Skydiving

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01.08.2018 21:16

2018 USPA IRM cover photo

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AXIS Foundations of Flight: 2-way Phalanx exit

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Tom Deacon flies the flag over Skydive Suffolk for the 4th of July


This month my pictures and my work have been featured in the following publications:

Date Publisher Title / Publishing Details
          Jan. 5th, 2017 «MFS Block 1 - Double 69»
        Jan. 2017 iss. 85, pg. 41, 43 , «PD SA2 ad, Bev Suits Ad»
        Jan. 2017 pg. 6 , «Sabre 2 Ad»
        Jan. 2017 iss. 687, pg. 31, 43, 65 , «Skydive Store Ad, PD SA2 Ad, FOF MFS Block 1, »
        Jan. 2017 vol. 1, iss. 84, pg. 56 , «Safety Matters»
Pictures and videos by Niklas Daniel if not otherwise stated.
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